Hope Champion Scholarship Awards Spring 2019

Hope Champion Scholarship Awards Spring 2019

So What Is the Hope “Champion” Scholarship?

This scholarship is available for students at Hope High School who will continue their education at a community college, trade school, or career certification program. This scholarship will supplement tuition rates that are above the financial aid awarded by the federal government.

The Hope “Champion” Scholarship is FOR:

  • students who have made less than adequate choices
  • students who have difficult lives
  • students who are, for the first time, seeing their own potential for success
  • students who are ready to make the right choice to be their own champions! 

Hope High School is operated by Blueprint Education Inc. Since 1969, Blueprint Education Inc. has served students who need different options when it comes to academics and learning. Our mission is to inspire students to make better choices and be champions of their own learning. Blueprint Education Inc. provides a lot of flexibility and support for students whose lives are anything but ordinary.

Our nonprofit status benefits any individual or organization looking to help students continue learning after high school. If you are interested in donating to Blueprint Education, please visit our website

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