Discover Agile at Hope High School

Scrum and Agile have been instrumental in transforming the culture and lives of students at Hope High School—a charter school in Phoenix, Arizona that serves disadvantaged youth.


Located in southwest Phoenix, HOPE High School has been supporting  "at-risk" students since 2003. HOPE High School welcomes high school students seeking a small, self-paced learning environment where everyone knows your name. Students focus on earning their high school diploma and giving back to the community. HOPE's flexible learning environment allows students and teen parents to graduate early, get back on track for graduation and provides a flexible schedule for students who are employed.


To discover more about HOPE High School, call (623) 772-8013

Hope High School

7620 W. Lower Buckeye Rd. Ste. 104
Phoenix Arizona 85043

623-772-8021 (fax)

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm

HOPE High School has been welcoming students since 2003. HOPE High School, a tuition-free charter high school focuses on flexibility and having a small learning environment; just like a family. Academics are important as well as opportunities for real-world experiences. HOPE High School also supports you after graduation. You do have a choice in schools so choose HOPE!

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