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Located in southwest Phoenix, HOPE High School has been supporting  "at risk" students since 2003. HOPE High School welcomes high school students seeking a small, self-paced learning environment where everyone knows your name. Students focus on earning their high school diploma and giving back to the community. HOPE's flexible learning environment allows students and teen parents to graduate early, get back on track for graduation, and provides a flexible schedule for students who are employed.


To discover more about HOPE High School, call (623) 772-8013.

Our students gather as a homeless man shares<br> his thanks with them.
Our students gather as a homeless man shares
his thanks with them.
Student Agile Mini Conference
Student Agile Mini Conference
Volunteering at St. Mary's Food Bank
Volunteering at St. Mary's Food Bank
HOPE Squad Student Retreat
HOPE Squad Student Retreat

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Why choose HOPE?


HOPE provides a small school environment for those needing focus on academics.


While working through online curriculum, teachers provide a blended learning environment and focused instruction. Teachers provide one on one and small group support.


HOPE offers two sessions. Students who work, support their families or need a flexible schedule, can choose the morning or afternoon session.


- Study under the stars
- School Store
- Attendance Rewards


HOPE's scrum team is a group of student leaders. Focusing on school wide projects by utilizing the Agile Framework, the team uses SCRUM to lead and develop school culture.


HOPE teachers and staff build strong relationships with students and their families. HOPE is truly the place where everyone knows your name....because YOU are HOPE.

Hope High School

7620 W. Lower Buckeye Rd. Ste. 104

Phoenix Arizona 85043


623-772-8021 (fax)

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm